North Shore – Run Every Street 2023

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Tracking the progress of my goal to run every street in North Vancouver and West Vancouver in 2023!

I’m using 1059 km as the total length of streets I need to run, based on official estimates from District of North Van, City of North Vancouver, and West Vancouver.

I’ve updated the total length of roads to 800 km, after using data from Open Street Map.  My guess is that the total distance quoted on municipal websites is including back lanes, Highway 1 and other drives like those in multi dwelling units like townhouse complexes.

Total (km) Complete (km) % Complete
800 800 100%

One thought on “North Shore – Run Every Street 2023”

  1. Hi Michael
    Brent Richter here from the North Shore News.
    I’ve seen the updates on your mission to run every road on the North Shore. Very cool.
    If you’d be game for it, I’d like to do a story when you’ve finished.
    Would you drop me a line sometime when you’re getting close?
    Thanks so much
    brichter (at)

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